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#Inktober Challenge

I've been following artists that do #Inktober for a few years, and finally decided to participate.

My goal is to try new inking techniques, get loose and enjoy the process. I post all of my images on social media-Twitter: @dorothia & Instagram with the hashtag #inktober. Here are the first few days.

Day 1- Swift

Day 1 #Inktober -Swift © Dorothia Rohner

I used Pentel Japanese brush, Zig Pigment Pen and red Inktense pencils on gessoed paper.

Day 2- Divide

Day 2 -Divide "Two for me, one for you." ©Dorothia Rohner

For this sketch I used the Zig pigment pen, Japanese Brush, Carbon wash with brush on gessoed paper.

Day 3 - Poison

Day 3- Poison ©Dorothia Rohner

I used sepia ink for the outlines and inktense pencils for color. The white highlights were added with a gel pen. I wanted to try a more graphic style for this one. After I posted it, I went back and added a bit more contrast with black brush lines.

©Dorothia Rohner

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