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Twiniversity is a fantastic resource for families with twins.
To support this community, please consider purchasing
your copy of A Wish For Twins from this link. 

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Twiniversity Podcast with Natalie Diaz–a conversation with Dorothia. 
July 19, 2023
Link will be posted here. 


A Wish For Twins
The Tale of Our Two Miracles

by Dorothia Rohner

An inspirational picture book about the miracle of twins, in the tradition of Nancy Tillman's On the Night You Were Born.

Families of twins will see their own hopes and dreams beautifully expressed in this charming and emotional origin story:

You once twinkled in the stars, criss-crossed the cosmos, before and beyond. Until one magic moment . . . destiny dawned.
In this luminescent and poetic story, twin babies float and play in the cosmos—at first alone, and then together—dreaming of cuddles and kisses and a place to call home. Soon, they are tenderly called to Earth, where their loving families await them: You once twinkled in the stars. Now you sparkle in our hearts.
Families of newborn twins will shed happy tears reading this poignant love letter to their longed-for babies, and little ones will enjoy hearing the magical story of how they came to be and how unique they are. This is a book destined to be a treasured gift for families of twins, and a classic for years to come.

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