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Effie's Image

Effie's Image

By N.L. Sharp

Illustrated by Dorothia Rohner

The morning Effie Armstrong turns eighty-two years old, she picks up a framed photograph and traces the image with her finger. "Effie," she says, "you're as lovely as ever." But when she stares at herself in the mirror, she knows this isn't true, and takes herself back to bed. Lonely and sad, she hides away in her house for so long that her neighbor girl, Amanda Jaymes, begins to worry.

Armed with presents and advice, Amanda makes it her job to encourage Effie to get up and get moving each day. But will Effie be able to find her place back in the world again? This tender picture book by author N. L Sharp and illustrator Dorothia Rohner recounts the story of one woman's search for self-worth and her discovery that what she sees in the mirror each day is a different image from what the rest of the world sees when they look at her through the eyes of love.

Prairieland Press

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