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Course Overview-Learn To Sketch
Course Overview-Learn To Sketch

Course Overview-Learn To Sketch

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Old Sketchbooks

Old Sketchbooks

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Intro Lesson 1 - Pen & Brush Techniques - Eye, Heart, Hand, Connection

Intro Lesson 1 - Pen & Brush Techniques - Eye, Heart, Hand, Connection

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Intro-Lesson 2- Still Life with Heart Connection

Intro-Lesson 2- Still Life with Heart Connection

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Lesson 1-
Audio clip will explain the
Eye-Heart-Hand Connection--A meditative process of seeing and drawing. You will learn why this approach is so effective on learning to draw with confidence. You will be guided on strategies to silence the inner critic and allow the inner artist to come out and play. This is the cornerstone for all the future lessons.  In the video, you will learn to use tools to create line, shading, textures and mark-making techniques so you can start practicing and playing.   

Lesson 1- Pen & Brush Techniques
Eye • Heart • Hand • Connection

Lesson 2-

will build upon the meditative process of drawing. It elaborates on the pen and brush techniques taught in Lesson 1.  

We will explore more about the vital importance of the heart-connection when drawing.

This lesson will focus on sketching physical objects that have an emotional connection to you. 

For example, a grandmothers' 
necklace, shells found on a certain beach, a pocket watch etc. More technical drawing techniques will be introduced.

Lesson 2- Still Life
with Heart Connection

Lesson 5 - Nature Sketching

Lesson 5-

will be taught outside in nature. You will get tips on how to observe sights and sounds, tune-in with your thoughts and feelings and record them into your sketchbook. More technical tips on dividing up space, light/shade and negative space will be demonstrated. Eye-Heart-Hand Connection will be re-emphasized in this lesson. 

Lesson 3-

will continue to emphasize and practice the meditative process using the pen and ink techniques. You will learn to simplify the scene and how to edit your photos to create clear references. This section will focus on different ways of drawing leaves and-flowers. 

Lesson 3- Leaves & Flowers

Learn to Sketch -
A Meditative Approach

This video course will teach you to draw with confidence using a pen and brush technique that seems effortless. This self-paced course allows you the flexibility to set aside time to fit your schedule. 

What you get:

  •  5 Core Video Art Lessons

  •  9 Bonus Videos + Samples

  •  Audio Meditation

  •  Video on Supplies + List

  •  Lesson Handouts &   Practice Assignments

4 Hours of Instructional Video (Average length-13 Min/lesson)


25$ forever *
 (*as long as this site is online)

As a member you can...

  • ask questions

  • share your work on members page.

  • comment and give input

Lesson 4 - Simplified Scenes

Lesson 4- 

will guide you though the process of drawing a favorite nature scene and cityscape from a photograph.

You will learn how to choose a focal point and create depth with loose washes.   

Previous tips and techniques will be utilized in this section.

Lesson 6- (short videos)

You will learn new techniques that build on previous lessons. Short videos will demonstrate variety of different techniques that can be used with the pen and brush. They include:

Textured backgrounds, staining paper with coffee and tea, adding color and highlights. Imaginative drawing and free-hand lettering will be presented. 

Lesson 6 - BONUS Videos

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