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Summer Road Trip Creations

Felted Critters and Fairy Grandmother

It's been awhile since I posted here on my blog. I changed the name to Fun Stuff because that's what I would like to share here.

We just returned from a glorious road trip to the Northwest Coast. Although I had a little time to sketch, draw and write, most of our time was in the truck, bumping down the highway. I managed to create a few squiggly sketches, but spent more time on my felted creatures.

My book, I Am Goose comes out in 2020, (illustrated by Vanya Nastanlieva) so I thought I would make a little felt goose that looks like the character in the book.

Here is how he turned out.

Goose Felted Doll Animal from I Am Goose!

I had been working on a fairy doll that looks like my mom, who keeps watch over us from afar. On the long drive, I had time to put all of her finishing touches onto her. Someday I will give it to our granddaughter who was named after her, but not until she is a little older.

Side view of Dorothy the Fairy Grandmother

My sister Lisa made the little dress for her with fabric that Mom would have worn, and a crocheted hem. It makes me happy to look at her and think about my creative lovely mother.

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